Car Games: Best Car Racing & Puzzle For Kids

Car games for kids, is free and is carefully designed for young kids and children from the age of 3 to 10 years old. It is simple to control the car racing games. Also it is very easy to build the cars in the garage game.

Car Games for kids is composed of two games, Car Puzzle games for kids and Car Racing games for kids, which is an endless runner game. Both car games are easy to play, designed to teach car types, introducing to vintage cars, trucks, fire trucks, busses, engine sounds, horns, and sirens. Helping your children and toddler to have eye and hand cooperation, also learning the carefully crafted sounds of engines, horns and sirens.

Car Puzzle games for kids:

After making the choice between the cars, jeep, truck, fire truck and bus you will be located in the factory garage game with the car parts scattered (wheel, engine and body). You have to drag each part and place it in the right position until the car is complete. After you have completed the car puzzle game you can click on the vehicles and see them jump and hear their horn and siren.

Car Racing games for kids:

The Kids Car Racing game for kids is designed to be controlled just with one click anywhere on the screen for your toddler or child to enjoy fun car games easily. The fun car game is an endless runner free car race game, which means the car game will never finish, as time passes in the fun car games the fast car will race even faster. On the way you will find obstacles and bridges and with a click on the screen the car jumping game will carry on. Best Car Racing Games for kids also has a high score chart, so all the family members (mother, father, boy and girl) can compete with each other in the car racing game for kids.

Fire truck: With a vintage look and red color. Children will enjoy the fun fire truck driving and fire truck siren and engine sounds.
Jeep: Old look, world war jeep. The jeep games 4 X 4 is a fun jeep racing game that drives off-road and jumps over obstacles.
Truck: Vintage mafia looks. The truck game for kids is a fun truck driving and jumping game, easy to play.

A lot of new car types like, Busses, racing cars etc. are coming soon in our new update!!!

Privacy Information:
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Us being parents too we take all child’s privacy and security very seriously. Car games app dose not collect any personal data. There are carefully located advertisements in the game, so kids are least likely to accidentally click on them. These advertisements allow us to give the car games for kids for free to the public.

Enjoy the toddler car racing game and have fun!!!