Doodle – 2D Action Game

The best doodle action game that will walk you through a fairy tale.

Being a doodle artist and an animator I have been doodling and coloring doodles for a while now, made YouTube educational videos, doodle coloring books, and doodle animations. So I decided to make a doodle game too. After creating a doodle fairy tale story, I drew the monster doodles the main cartoon boy and doodle girl characters, converted the doodle characters into a comic book fairy tale and made an animated doodle story out of it. The goal of the doodle 2D action game for android is to pass through the levels of the game by destroying the melee enemies, flying doodle enemies and follow the fairy tale comic book animation story.

The doodle story goes like this!!! While the two doodle characters where drawing cute monster doodles, suddenly one of the cartoon drawings transforms into a flying robot doodle and takes the girl doodle away, so in turn the boy doodle starts fighting with his drawing equipment pen, brush and ink pen shooting the mighty monster doodles painting them with colors to find his doodle girlfriend till the time comes for the epic battle with the mighty monster doodle that gives birth to cute monster doodles that want to stop the doodle boy. Be the brave 2D action game player win the cute monsters and see by yourself where the fairy tale will lead you.